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Re: Slag

You should contact Paul Queneau and Associates in Golden, Colorado 303-279-2581
pqueneau@mines.edu.  He is an expert in recycling and teaches waste recycling
at Colorado School of Mines.  One of the topics was slag including creation of
and use of it.

Tell him Dan Webster recommended him.

Dan Webster

Bertram.Gary@epamail.epa.gov wrote:

> Greetings,
> This really isn't P2 in the purest sense, but I am hoping someone out there
> can help me with a reuse/recycling question.
> I have been asked to investigate any potential use (legal, of course) for
> slag from a lead smelter.  The slag contains from 1 - 3% lead.  I've been
> told the slag is the consistency of a coarse sand.  Anyone familiar with
> reuse/recycling opportunities for this type of material?  I'm open to any
> and all suggestions.
>  Take Care,
> Gary Bertram
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