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re: Batteries


While looking at rechargable batteries you may want to consider recharging 
systems.  For instance, Pulse Power (http://www.pulsepower.com) uses charge 
controllers to prevent the "memory effect" as well as overcharging and 
overheating that can reduce the life of rechargable batteries.  The company 
claims that this greatly extends the battery (NiCd or NiMH) life from 300-500 
charge cycles to 2400 cycles. The company and its distributors have NASA data 
and testimonials from the City of San Diego and Corpus Christi Army Depot 
claiming large savings from reduced battery purchase and disposal--the waste 
reduction/environmental benefits should also be significant.

If you're interested, one of the distributors, Fred Lancaster (Lancorp 
Advanced Systems lancastr@city-net.com  or 724-695-8920), offers the chargers 
on a free 30-60 day no obligation basis.

Please note that my office does not endorse particular vendors or warrant 
vendor claims--there may be others offering similar products.

I hope this is helpful.

Rodney Sobin
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From: "Jeff Spencer" <SPENCEJL@state.mi.us>, on 01/22/2001 10:10 AM:
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I am looking for any information on long life batteries for pagers and 
similar devices.  The pagers are used by emergency responders and are changed 
out on a monthly (or sooner) basis, which generates a lot of battery waste 
(currently being recycled).  What battery materials (Ni-Cd, metal halide,etc) 
tend to perform the best over time. Also, has anyone had any luck with 
reasonably priced rechargeable batteries?   Any information that you can 
provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Jeff Spencer
MBP3 Program Coordinator
Pollution Prevention Section 
Environmental Assistance Division
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Phone: (517) 241-5719
Fax: (517) 373-3675

Have a nice day!