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Re: who's your dream speaker?


Hey, Al Gore isn't doing anything right now.

Actually he might be a good choice. He started the Federal Government "White
House Closing the Circle" environmental awards program, and P2 is one of
several components. Also, outgoing Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson is
very familiar with P2. For the past two years he has been the presenter at
the Department of Energy P2 awards program we manage. He would be a killer
speaker on energy efficiency, too.

And didn't Leonardo DiCaprio show up at the DC Earth Day celebration a couple
of years ago?

Best of luck,


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Subj: who's your dream speaker?
Date: 1/23/01 9:05:59 AM Eastern Standard Time
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Hi, all,

A bit of idea mining, if you have  a moment (and sorry for the cross post)

Our campus has a speaker program, and is willing to consider a P2 related
speaker for their september time slot if we meet these two criteria:

A name well known to the general public  (And here I thought Amory Lovins
be a natural, but they weren't so sure)
An excellent speaker (they suggested Mario Cuomo, but I don't know how well he
would do on P2-related issues)

I'd like your help in finding the right name that we can tie to P2 - which as
you know is an issue that can include
- Energy efficiency,
- Resource efficiency,
- Systems thinking,
- Innovative problem solving

You collective recommendations would be welcome.