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Re: who's your dream speaker?


Ray Anderson of Interface Inc.  gives a great presentation on sustainability and how he restructured his carpet business to conserve natural resources and eliminate waste at the source.   He may not be well known to your school but his message and presentation are worth the effort to try to book him!  Try contacting him at 770-437-6801.    Let me know if you get him because I will attend!


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>>> <Rick_Yoder/CBA/UNO/UNEBR@unomail.unomaha.edu> 01/23/01 05:59AM >>>
Hi, all,

A bit of idea mining, if you have  a moment (and sorry for the cross post)

Our campus has a speaker program, and is willing to consider a P2 related
speaker for their september time slot if we meet these two criteria:

A name well known to the general public  (And here I thought Amory Lovins would
be a natural, but they weren't so sure)
An excellent speaker (they suggested Mario Cuomo, but I don't know how well he
would do on P2-related issues)

I'd like your help in finding the right name that we can tie to P2 - which as
you know is an issue that can include
- Energy efficiency,
- Resource efficiency,
- Systems thinking,
- Innovative problem solving

You collective recommendations would be welcome.