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re:whos your dream speaker

HI Rick,

Isn't there anyone new?  McDonnough, Lovins, Anderson, Hawkins are pretty
expensive and pretty over exposed -- unless you haven't heard them!

Does Herman Daley still do gigs (ecological economics -- U of Md)  What
about local opinion leaders in business who have a green angle.  Tony
Cortesi of Second Nature is wonderful and targeting academic institutions.
(http://www.secondnature.org).  Maureen Hart in one of several spakers on
indicators of sustainability (http://www.sustainablemeasures.com/)

How about someone from the Healthcare Without Harm Campaign? 

Authoritative and very compelling on toxic chemical impacts is Diane
Dubanowski, author of "Our Stolen Future". 

There are others...

Janet Clark <clarkjan@turi.org>
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