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RE: who's your dream speaker?

 Rick -- good question. If you're interested in someone who is reputed to be
very good, thought provoking, but not the "same old thing,"  you might
consider Janine Benyus, the author of "Biomimicry"   This is an outstanding
book on how natural systems are shaping new technology, and from all I hear
she is quite good at the podium as well as at the word processor.  She came

Janine was highly recommended by several members of the industrial advisory
board for an upcoming AIChE conference that I am chairing in Houston in late
April, "Implementing Sustainability in the Process  Industries."  So we
decided to have her give our Keynote address.  If you can wait that long,
I'll give you a first-hand report (or better yet, come to Houston and see
for yourself).  

Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org)
Pacific NW National Laboratory

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Hi, all,

A bit of idea mining, if you have  a moment (and sorry for the cross

Our campus has a speaker program, and is willing to consider a P2
speaker for their september time slot if we meet these two criteria:

A name well known to the general public  (And here I thought Amory
Lovins would
be a natural, but they weren't so sure)
An excellent speaker (they suggested Mario Cuomo, but I don't know how
well he
would do on P2-related issues)

I'd like your help in finding the right name that we can tie to P2 -
which as
you know is an issue that can include
- Energy efficiency,
- Resource efficiency,
- Systems thinking,
- Innovative problem solving

You collective recommendations would be welcome.