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Re: Dental Waste Management


 From May through December of 1998, the Ohio Dental Association conducted a 
collection program for dental mercury throughout Ohio. They were successful 
in removing 838 pounds of mercury. A contact person for the Dental 
Association is Chris Moore. He can be reached at (614) 486-2700.

Also, Bowling Green State University has an elemental mercury collection 
program. This program has been active for the past two years and is 
conducted in conjunction with the Ohio EPA and Rader Environmental 
Services, Inc. We have collected sources of elemental mercury from 
residents, businesses, industry, academic institutions, medical facilities, 
etc. from throughout Ohio and from neighboring states. This program is free 
of charge and we have collected over 1600 pounds of elemental mercury. If 
you would like more info on the program, please e-mail me or you can visit 
our web site at: http://www.bgsu.edu/offices/envhs/mercury.htm.

If I can assist any further, just let me know.


At 01:39 PM 1/23/01 -0700, Jon Hudson wrote:
>Dear P2 Techers -
>The Montana Pollution Prevention Program is charged with surveying the
>waste generation/management practices of the Montana dental community.
> From this survey, we hope to learn what is being generated as a waste, how
>it is currently being managed, and whether any P2 opportunities exist which
>are not currently being implemented.  The results of the survey, which is
>to be confidential, will be analyzed to establish the need for waste
>minimization educational efforts for dentist offices.
>Rather than reinvent the you-know-what, we would like to ask if anyone out
>there has conducted a similar survey, or collected similar data.  Any help
>will be appreciated.
>Thanks -
>Jon Hudson
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