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Research Triangle Insititute, in conjunction with the US Environmental
Protection Agency, has developed a LCA-based decision support tool for
comparing municipal solid waste options. Full description and executive
summaries of the process models making up the overall tool can be found
http://www.rti.org/units/ese/p2/lca.cfm#life. Perhaps some of this
information will be of assistance to you. 

Melissa Malkin Weber
Research Triangle Institute
POB 12194
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 USA
(919) 541 6154


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Hello all,

I'm writing from a public society dedicated to the Environmental 

At this moment I am looking for studies that use Life Cycle Analysis 
Methodology for comparing the different waste management alternatives.

Could you help me to find something about this?

Thank you.

Charo Lantaron

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