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Re: E-coat


You probably have already searched through The Electrocoat Association - http://www.electrocoat.org. 

Also, the Research Triangle Institute provided some Electrocoat References at http://cage.rti.org/altern_ref.cfm?id=ecoat. Several of the references relate to cost information that was presented last April at the association conference in Orlando. Portions of the proceedings may be of value.

Hope this helps.

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>>> "Amy Marshall" <amarshall@mriresearch.org> 01/26/01 05:39AM >>>
Anyone know where I can find some good cost info on switching from
solvent-based paint to an E-coat dip process (other than the obvious route
of calling vendors)?  Thanks,

Amy Marshall
Midwest Research Institute
(919) 851-8181, ext. 5135