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Re: P2 for Printing Money

How about plastic "paper" money.

Plastic "paper" money was developed in Australia (and used since 1988) and
is becoming popular in many southeast Asian countries.  The high humidity
in these countries results in paper money having a very short lifetime.
The plastic "paper" money is much more moisture resistant.

See related article at

 I was in Brasil recently and they had just introduced a plastic 10 Real
bill (equal to about $5US).  The base material appeared to be a clear
plastic film.  Both sides are nicely decorated and a small circular portion
of the bill is left undecorated as a security (anti-counterfeiting)
measure.   The bill has a very similar feel to paper money.

The US paper money is printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in
Washington, DC and
Fort Worth, Texas.   I believe they use an intaglio process - similar to
rotogravure, but instead of having an image made up of millions of tiny
discrete cells, the intaglio image is engraved inits entirety directly on
the plate.

I do not know if other countries use the same process.  There is a lot of
variety in the appearance (some currencies are much more colorful than US
currency) and the feel of paper money around the world.  The papers are
certainly different (US currency has a high cotton content) and the
printing processes may be very different too.

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Forwarded on behalf of Mr. Burton Hammer:

I've had a request from someone at a national bank in Asia who wants to
know about P2 and waste mgmt options for the national money printing
operations.  I volunteered to recycle their unwanted money but they
would rather go further up the pipe.  I suppose our own US
treasury must be doing some EMS and P2 work on printing since they are
fed facilities covered by the various exec orders.  I don't know what
kind of printing ops are used for money, is it lithography, offset, or
whatever.  If I can get that info I can use the many printing P2
resources for those processes.  Any leads or refs would be greatly
appreciated, thanks a lot.

Note - it might not be wise to announce that you have lots of experience
printing money yourself...

Burton Hamner
Seattle, WA=20

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