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re: P2 for Printing Money

Reply to P2Tech Listserv Inquiry:

To answer part of the original question.  Most paper currency is printed 
with a web fed Rotogravure (a.k.a. Gravure) printing press.  For more 
information about Gravure printing and P2 I suggest you visit the Printers' 
National Environmental Assistance Center's web site at www.pneac.org.

Additionally, having previously worked for a Gravure printing company (no 
we did not print currency) I may be able to answer subsequent specific 
questions regarding process and P2 options.

Debra Jacobson

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>I've had a request from someone at a national bank in Asia who wants to 
>know about P2 and waste mgmt options for the national money printing 
>operations.  I volunteered to recycle their unwanted money but they would 
>rather go further up the pipe.  I suppose our own US treasury must be 
>doing some EMS and P2 work on printing since they are fed facilities 
>covered by the various exec orders.  I don't know what kind of printing 
>ops are used for money, is it lithography, offset, or
> >whatever.  If I can get that info I can use the many printing P2 
> resources for those processes.  Any leads or refs would be greatly 
> appreciated, thanks a lot.
> >
> >Note - it might not be wise to announce that you have lots of experience 
> printing money yourself...
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