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RE: Horse Manure and Wood Shavings


We have several POTWs composting biosolids with wood waste to create a
valuable soil amendment.  Perhaps your waste could be managed similarly.
I'd suggest checking with your state regulatory agencies prior to conducting
such an activity.  They could probably provide assistance with such a

Several different forms of wood are being used including tree bark, wood
chips (which are screened out for re-use in the process), sawdust, and both
green and kiln-dried wood (for moisture control).  Demand for the finished
product has been exceptional once the market develops.  I don't know the
"in's-and-out's" of horse manure but can't see why it wouldn't work.



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A new equestrian center in the early stages of development is 
looking at alternative waste management schemes for horse 
manure and the shavings into which it falls.  The estimated volume 
of this waste stream will be as high as 50 pounds per horse per 
day for as many as 5000 horses a day - not a constant or 
consistent but a predictable volume on a monthly basis.  Does 
anyone know the best way to handle such a valuable resource?  
The developer has been told it is going to cost him to get someone 
to take it.  Looks like a business opportunity to me!!  Any 
suggestions or resource references are appreciated.