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Salt Water Management

Greetings One & All,

	A local meat packer wants to kosher-process veal.  The critical part
of the process entails rubbing salt into the meat prior to multiple rinse
steps.  I am aware of opportunities for minimizing the volume of generated
wastewater.  The problem is management of the remaining salt &
blood-contaminated wastewater.  (Separation of the salt and water is not
viewed as economical and management of the contaminated salt would still be
a problem.)
	The plant is in a VERY rural area and performs onsite treatment
followed by discharge of effluent under an NPDES permit.  Saltwater
management in the existing treatment system is not possible.  Collection of
the saltwater for offsite treatment is also considered a very marginal
option (due to distances to the nearest evenly modestly-sized treatment

	How do existing kosher processing operations manage their
wastewater?  Are there options for reuse of the waste?  Ideas we had
included potential use of the waste stream in pet food production, as brine
in food processing (if cooked onsite?), and maybe separate treatment of the
water aimed at roadway de-icing during winter months (of course this could
present storage issues). 

Any ideas for management of the waste stream are welcome.  Anyone ever hear
of dry kosher processing?  				Thanks, Ric