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Online papers on env perf vs financial perf

These have just been posted by Environmental-Expert.Com.  More ammunition
showing that being good for envir is good for business.  needs free adobe
acrobat reader to display - www.adobe.com

The Relationship Between Environmental Disclosures and Financial
Performance: an Empirical Study of us Firms. For the full article (in pdf
format), click here

Superior Eco-Efficiency Performance in Industry A paper about the linkages
between superior environmental performance and superior competitiveness and
profitability. For the full article, click here

The obvious implication of these articles for promoting Cleaner Production
and sustainable growth is that development programs could start developing
portfolios of the better performing (enviro/financial) companies, even SMEs,
and advertise them to potential investors, thus mobilizing capital seeking
good growth potential, with a conscience.  Since the research published
above is about public companies, the obvious next need is to find some way
to evaluate the business/enviro performance of small private manufacturing
firms.  Most Cleaner Production/Pollution Prevention technical assistance
programs have records of the companies that have attended their conferences
workshops, typically they could identify several hundred companies that have
expressed interest in this topic over a few years' period.  Then some kind
of rapid assessment tool could be applied to rate the firms, find the good
ones, and have a nice cocktail party introducing the owners to socially
responsible investors and lenders who like to support growth with quality
and sustainability.

Burt Hamner