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Small Business Survey Questions

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality is drafting a survey that
will be sent to a wide range of Montana SMALL business owners, and they have
asked our P2 program for input on what questions should be included.  The
survey's goals are to identify small business needs for technical and
regulatory compliance assistance, as well as their overall perspectives on
how regulations and regulatory agency actions effect their operations.  An
objective of the survey is to determine how best to market P2 technical
assistance to small businesses.

Have similar surveys been conducted anywhere else?  If so, what questions
were asked, what responses resulted, and what was learned?

Ted Lange
Pollution Prevention Program
Montana State University Extension Service
P.O. Box 173580
Bozeman, MT 59717-3580
406-994-6813 (phone) / 994-5417 (fax)