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FW: Use of the Coatings Guide as a Training Tool

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Subject: Use of the Coatings Guide as a Training Tool

I am the EPA lead on the Coatings Guide and am preparing a paper for this
June's Air and Waste Management Association conference.  In order to
prepare this paper, I would like to identify examples of organizations that
have used the Coatings Guide as a training tool for their technical
assistance personnel, their clients, or for other purposes.  Can you help
me?  I would appreciate any information you can provide.


Mike Kosusko

PS.  The Coatings Guide has been developed cooperatively by the U.S. EPA's
Office of Research and Development and Research Triangle Institute and was
formerly known as the Coatings Alternatives Guide (CAGE).  It can be found
at http://cage.rti.org.

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