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solvent recycling in China?

Greetings.  I am interested to know of any reports or info about the use of solvent recycling in China.  Applications might include recycling paint thinner from used paints or thinners; recovery of process solvents in pesticide production, printing, or pharmaceuticals; paints and coatings; or parts cleaning.  We are considering a project to promote solvent recycling technology and skills in China because it has such wide applications, good payback on recovered solvents, and environmental/public health benefits.  Yet we can find no evidence that solvent recycling is being done anywhere in China.  Any leads or references will be greatly appreciated.  Also any reports or info re what kinds of solvents are commonly used in China.  Any producers of solvents or distillation/recycling units are welcome to contact me if you are interested in marketing in China.  We have already identified many excellent resources on solvent recycling in the US and hope to establish partnerships between them and interested Chinese organizations, such as the China Center for Environmentally Sound Technology Transfer.  Thanks for your advice.
Burton Hamner
Seattle, WA