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Scrap Tire recycling


We represent a company that during the past few years has developed a
process that completely reduces/recycles 100% of the scrap tire feed and
allows the recovery of the valuable components of:

* High quality carbon black

* Steel

* Hydrocarbons

The carbon black can be used for new rubber production or other feedstock.
The hydrocarbons are used to generate excess power available for sale. The
steel is sold for recycling. From a 20 lb scrap tire, 7.5 lb of carbon black
and 2.0 lbs of steel are recovered, yielding a 47.5% recycling rate. The
remainder of the tire (oil and hydrocarbon gases) can be used in the
production of electricity. This yields 100% reuse and recycling of the scrap
tire feed.

The tire reduction system is extremely flexible and facilities are designed
in 1,500 tire/day modules. The model TR-6000 processes 6,000 tires daily
(over 2,000,000 tires annually) reclaiming approximately 22.5 tonnes of
carbon black, 5.5 tonnes of steel and up to 31.5 tonnes of hydrocarbons
daily with a net power production capacity of 3 MW (6 MW gross). Recycling
of 2,000,000 tires annually from a single TR-6000 plant has a significant
environmental benefit. The TR-6000 fixes 7,500 tons of carbon annually
compared to using tires as fuel. There is a further reduction in carbon
emissions as using recycled carbon black in new products reduces the need
for production of new material, which is an emission intensive process. In
addition, the hydrocarbons produced from the Reverse Ploymerization process
are much lower in sulfur than the scrap tire rubber, therefore, there is a
significant reduction of the sulfur released into the atmosphere by
generating power from Reverse Polymerization compared to burning of tire
derived fuels.

Assuming you find this information of interest, and you would like to have
additional and more detailed information on the Reverse Polymerization
process, please contact the writer and we will be pleased to supply
brochures, and CD's outlining the complete process from the introduction of
tires into the plant to the final production of the carbon black, steel and
hydrocarbons as outlined above

We welcome a visit from your technical staff at any time, and will be
pleased to take you through our pilot plant and explain the system in every
detail. We are located in the Durham Area, just east of Toronto, Ontario,

Robert H. Herrington,
Vice-president, Marketing,
C. R. Herrington Marketing Inc.,
555 Springview Drive,
Pickering, Ontario,
L1V 4X2
Phone   905-831-9621
E-mail  rhh@crhmarketing.com