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RE: Small Business Survey Questions

The OEA did a survey of MN manufactures in late 1999. Here is a link to the results but it may not give the focus on small business that you need.
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> Subject: 	Small Business Survey Questions
> The Montana Department of Environmental Quality is drafting a survey that
> will be sent to a wide range of Montana SMALL business owners, and they have
> asked our P2 program for input on what questions should be included.  The
> survey's goals are to identify small business needs for technical and
> regulatory compliance assistance, as well as their overall perspectives on
> how regulations and regulatory agency actions effect their operations.  An
> objective of the survey is to determine how best to market P2 technical
> assistance to small businesses.
> Have similar surveys been conducted anywhere else?  If so, what questions
> were asked, what responses resulted, and what was learned?
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