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Waste Water Recycling/Heat Recovery for Hotel Laundry

Does anyone know generally how large a hotel laundry operation has to be
before a wastewater recovery/recycling system (either closed loop or using
the grey water for uses other than laundry) makes sense economically.  Are
there companies out there who supply & install such systems who serve a
broad enough area that it might include Montana?

What about laundry wastewater heat recovery systems for hotels/motels?  Such
systems should be a lot less complicated and expensive to install and
therefore perhaps more feasible for smaller facilities.  

I've found some info on the web but a lot of it is just passing references
without a lot of specificity.  More detailed discussions that I've found
have all been from the early 90's - don't know how much technology may have
advanced since then.

Ted Lange
Pollution Prevention Program
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