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Recycling at the National Zoo

Please contact Susan Ades if you can assist with this project!

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Subject: [eppnet] Recycling at the National Zoo

We have received the following request to help the Washington, DC Zoo
establish a recycling program.   Does anyone know of any zoos that have
established good recycling programs and if there are any studies available
which describe how they established their program.

 We at the National Zoo in Washington, DC are trying to go green and revamp
many of the ways we operate to reduce our waste and recycle lots more than
we do now (almost none). We are thinking of getting a waste audit completed
to fully understand the waste we generate now. Our setup is complicated, as
we have office functions with their traditional waste stream, but also
animal waste, food (human and animal) prep waste, gardening materials,
waste from 3 million visitors/year, etc. Any suggestions for us on getting
started with the audit? Are there companies that do this? Are there
organizations that might volunteer their services to us? Please let me
know. Any advice will be gratefully received!

Susan Ades
Exhibit Developer
National Zoological Park
3001 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008
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202-673-4892 (fax)
new email address:adess@nzp.si.edu 

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