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Recycling /RefillingToner Cartridges

We have a client that manufacturers toner cartridges from used housings.  They
receive the used cartridges, disassemble, clean-out unused toner, reuse housing,
assemble and send back out the door.

Currently they are cleaning out the unused toner by blowing it out (doing all
the right things, capture, etc.).  The problem is that this is not always
cleaning adequately  and quite messy.  They have heard that there is another
method by using a wash system that removes the toner, dries the cartridge for
refill that is more efficient.  Does anyone know of companies that make
equipment to do this or know of what other cartridge manufacturers are doing?

Would appreciate any help you can provide,

Judy Wlodarczyk
Farmington, CT
860-644-9718 (phone)