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RE: Beauty Parlors


Why not put in a holding tank and take this waste to a POTW for treatment?
I'm guessing that the main chemicals of concern would be chlorinated
solvents. These could most likely be eliminated via material substitution.
Acetone, acrylic resins, and organic pigments should all be readily
biodegradable.  It might also be possible to develop a list of beauty parlor
supplies that are acceptable for septic system discharge.  The shops could
then be self-certified as being septic friendly.  Requirements for
maintaining the effectiveness of the septic system should also be in force.

If you do go with the holding tank, then you will need to address issues of
air emission permitting, flammability, and the potential for illicit
disposal. But, it may also be a business opportunity for someone to set up a
milk-run service given the large number of shops.  I don't have any data,
but it would be interesting to know the cost impact to the shops using
septic systems for waste disposal.  For example, does the discharge of this
waste result in more frequent upset and plugging of the soil bed.  If you
can show a reduced septic system maintenance cost associated with waste
diversion then the added cost of waste disposal would not be such a burden.
Just some thoughts.


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In West Virginia there are many small beauty parlors in rural areas that use
septic systems. Recent enforcement of groundwater rules requires these small
businesses to install holding tanks to keep the chemicals they use out of
the septic system, and then have the holding tanks pumped out by hazardous
waste handlers. Many of these marginal businesses will simply fold. I have
suggested contacting the chemical suppliers for alternate chemicals that
will be acceptable. Is there any experience out there that we can tap?

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