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paint formulation info

I work in the Ohio SBAP helping small companies complete air permit applications. I'm having trouble getting all the paint formulation information I need for the applications. The MSDSs are not specific enough. For example, they usually do not provide some of the following information:

1. A solvent composition break down in percent by volume;
2. % by weight of any HAPs or other air toxics;
3. Solids content and organic solvent content in % by weight and volume; and 
4. organic solvent density and water content % by volume.

I have called the paint manufacturers' technical information lines and they are not very helpful. Some will not return my calls and some say that they do not provide air permitting assistance for their customers. So, I am going to have to ask the company to get this information from his supplier and hope he has better luck.

My question is, "Why am I having such a hard time getting the paint supplier to cooperate with me?" has anyone else run into this problem? Is it because I am calling from the government? Would it be easier if they thought I was an independent consultant?

Vanessa Hinkle
Ohio EPA 
Division of Air Pollution Control
(614) 752-0728