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pollution's emissions

Hello everybody!
I am looking for data and international or american leterature about carís 
I need them  to evaluate in a cost benefit analysis the enviromental 
benefits of an improvement of the public transport network in a town in 
Italy  that will reduce the use of private cars for commuters. Can anybody 
let me know how much CO2, NX and other pollutants does produce a city car? 
And a medium size car?
Does anybody know if the cost of pollution has a recognized value in US $ or 
Euro for unit, according to international standard (say for instance the 
World Health Organization) or if its value is guessed in different ways 
according to the analist ?
For instance, letís say that a concentration of NX   of  x  over   law limit 
means one more case of cancer desease, and that this means for society o 
social cost of 200,000 $  according to my opinion, of 50,000 according to 
Robertís opinion, 500,000 $ according to Janetís opinion, and so on......
I do thanks all of you for you attention and the your advices.
Again Lot of thanks!  Francesco

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