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Re: E-mail group for technologies

At 09:55 AM 3/5/2001 -0600, Cindy McComas wrote:
>Has anyone developed and utilized a sector-based email group to disseminate 
>information on new P2 technologies, or other purposes such as workshops, 
>grants, etc.  Have you found it to be useful, or difficult to maintain? 
> How has it been received by the recipients?
>Cindy McComas, Director
>University of Minnesota Gateway
>200 Oak Street SE, Suite 350
>Minneapolis, MN  55455-2008
>612-624-3370 (fax)
Hello Cindy,

I have supplied this kind of information to two e-groups, which are the
electronic expression of two organizations: one a multi-sector business
network (www.NBEN.org) and the other a professional association of P2
planners (TUR Planners -- www.turpa.org)

Although not manufacturing sector specific, there are similarities.  I find
it does take time to enter hard copy notices and citations, but that
electronic news from one group or P2Tech to another is very easy.  Both
sources are valuable, especially with the selections from the Institute's
excellent library.  

Also, get someone else to maintain the membership list, which can be a chore.

Janet Clark <clarkjan@turi.org>
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