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Re: Ammunition

Here's some information that may be helpful to you....


Following is a list that is 2 years old that includes facilities that may be able to handle the material:

ICI Explosives Environmental, Joplin, MO (the business manager is David Zoghby in Pennsylvania, at 610-298-3085)

EOD Technology, Oak Ridge, TN (can't find a phone number)

Trade Waste Incineration, Inc., Sauget, IL, 618-271-2804

Reactives and Explosive Materials, Inc., NJ, 973-948-0270

>>> <srock@pprc.org> 03/07/01 09:17AM >>>
Anyone know of a company/industry that disposes of old, but active, pistol
and rifle ammunition? I am trying to assist a DEQ help the law enforcement
departments of rural areas lower their costs of getting rid of "thousands"
of unused rounds of ammunition. In particular, something in the Pacific
Northwest would be useful. Thanks,

L.B. Sandy Rock, MD, MPH
"Technical Lead"
Pacific NW Pollution Prevention Resource Center
513 1st Ave. West
Seattle, WA 98119
phone: 206-352-2050 / fax: 206-352-2049