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RE: Ammunition

Ft. Lewis consistently disposes of spent ammunition by recycling the shell
casings.  But prior to doing this, they have to  ensure that there are no
live rounds mixed in.  This process involves placing all of the rounds in a
hopper and heating them to combust the powder.  After this is done, the
casings and bullets are recycled.  The person you can contact is Frank
Crown, he oversees the Military Munitions Rule @ Ft. Lewis; his info is
	Frank Crown
	(253) 967-2326
Hope this helps,

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Subject: Ammunition

Anyone know of a company/industry that disposes of old, but active, pistol
and rifle ammunition? I am trying to assist a DEQ help the law enforcement
departments of rural areas lower their costs of getting rid of "thousands"
of unused rounds of ammunition. In particular, something in the Pacific
Northwest would be useful. Thanks,

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