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Information on P2 in Highschool Chemistry Labs

Does anyone have anything more recent that the 1989 document that is
referred to in this series of emails?  If you do, please contact me, and
Teresa Ippolito of Region 2, as well as Janet Sapadin.


Diane D. Buxbaum, MPH
US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 2
Compliance Assistance and Program Support Branch
290 Broadway, 21st Floor, East
New York, New York 10007
212-637-3919 (fax 212-637-4086)

Please respond to this for me.  Thanks.

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                    Ippolito             To:     Grace Musumeci/R2/USEPA/US@EPA, John      
                    03/07/01 10:58       cc:     janetsapadin@mindspring.com               
                    AM                   Subject:     Re: P2 or Children's Health request  
                                         (Document link: John Gorman)                      

 have an e-mail out to a colleague who mentors for Board of Ed and is
involved with chem lab safety issues.
I will forward reply soon as I get something.
Meanwhile...I know that there are RCRA inspections scheduled for colleges
and that the labs are one of the places they look. For this reason,. I am
copying John Gorman on this message..perhaps he can give you some info.
any pertinent info  you can forward for Janet?

ps...hi Janet!!!  ti

                    Musumeci             To:     Marcia Seidner/R2/USEPA/US@EPA, Teresa    
                    03/06/01             cc:     janetsapadin@mindspring.com               
                    07:50 AM             Subject:     P2 or Children's Health request      

Hi.  Can either of you help Janet out with her request?  Thanks.

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                    Janet Sapadin                                                                
                    <janetsapadin@minds        To:     Grace Musumeci/R2/USEPA/US@EPA            
                    pring.com>                 cc:                                               
                                               Subject:     P2 or Children's Health request      
                    03/05/01 06:21 PM                                                            

Hi Grace - I thought EPA had done P2 work with high school chemistry labs
while I was there.  I looked on the Agency's P2 database and found a 1989
title, "Reduction of hazardous waste from high school chemistry
laboratories".  Not only couldn't I find anything more current, but when I
went to the Agency's online National Publications Catalogue, the '89
document didn't even show up.  Are you aware of any pamphlets, etc. in that
area (preferable more recent than '89), that I could order?    If there's
someone you'd prefer to pass my request on to, feel free.  Thanks.