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Re: P2 for Smelters, Batteries, Concrete?

Dear John and P2 Tech:

I am an environmental consultant (independent) who happens to know people
living near an auto parts manufacturer that melts aluminum in their process.

There are many health complaints in the neighborhood, and have been for
years.  Odor complaints tend to revolve around "die lube" (sp?).  So-called
"dirty aluminum" is sometimes used/melted/smelted.  Chlorine gas is used to
remove Mg from Al.  The plant ceiling is apparently open to the sky -- with
large ventilators present to protect the employees (but not neighbors).
There is no pollution control equipment at the plant.

This is a situation I had not encountered in my own work -- just have not
come up against it.  I have a few questions on the topic:

--is it true that "die lube" emissions are unregulated?  has there ever been
a move to change this?
--are such plants often found in close proximity to residences?
--why might this plant have NOT been classified a secondary smelter of
--have others experienced similar situations, and found many respiratory
complaints near such a plant?
--are there resources out there on what can be done as far as P2?  the plant
mgmt. is reportedly avoiding spending ...
--is there information out there on health effects of such plants?  the
combination of diesel fumes, lube, chlorine, aluminum smelting ...
relatively low levels, perhaps ...

Thank you very much for any time or help which you can provide.


Steven M. Hoffman, Ph.D.
International Environmental Consultant
Madison, WI

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Subject: P2 for Smelters, Batteries, Concrete?

> P2 Tech-
> I am doing a screening level review of P2 opportunities for several
> in California that contribute to risk from air toxics. Traditional
> and literature searches have not yielded many good suggestions, but hoped
> could tap the collective brain to see if there may be something I've
> missed.
> Can anyone recommend P2 (not pollution control) approaches to reduce air
> toxics associated with:
> - secondary metal smelters, including foundries and diecasting operations
> - battery manufacturers
> - concrete manufacturers
> Any contacts, resources, references would be appreciated.
> John Katz
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