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Env Acctg in E Europe?

Dear Colleagues
We are designing a web-based discussion program on "The Financial Aspects of Cleaner Production" with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe and the New Independent States.  Our objective is to help people in those regions make better decisions about cleaner production (CP), and help them understand financing better.  The discussion program will use case studies to illustrate how to finance CP.

To support our discussions we are seeking case studies of CP  ** in the region**  that illustrate good financial practices, such as Total Cost of Waste measurement, environmental management accounting, capital budgeting analysis, and presentation of alternatives.  Any case studies available on
the web are of course very appreciated.  ***We are willing to purchase books or publications that have adequate cases***

If you can suggest any sources or have anything to share, please contact Burton Hamner, bhamner@cleanerproduction.com.  If you would like to receive updates about the discussion program, please send an email to Allison Evans, aevans@devtechsys.com, and request to be added to the update list.

We will be happy to share our bibliography of good sources of CP financial information when we have completed a draft.  See many good resources on accounting, finance and cleaner production that we already share with the world at http://www.cleanerproduction.com/finance.htm
Some of the European regional CP networks are not familiar to us; if you know of others who may know of relevant case studies in the CEE/NIS region, we will be very grateful if you forward this email to them.  Thanks!

Burt Hamner