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Training workshop on P2 for cities

Dear Colleagues:
The Pacific Northwest Economic Region in sponsoring the international training workshop, Pollution Prevention for Sustainable Cities, in Seattle May 9-12.  This four-day intensive training event will help participants understand practical strategies for reducing waste and pollution in cities through eco-efficiency and community development.  It will feature dozens of speakers from programs in the region who have day-to-day experience implementing pollution prevention and cleaner production projects.  Participants will receive very practical education about how to implement successful P2 programs in cities and towns, including ones in developing countries and ones with minimal budgets and regulation. 
The website for the workshop is www.cleancities.net, where updated details will be posted regularly and with online registration.  The Workshop immediately follows the Asia Pacific Cities Summit (www.apsummit.org) in Seattle on May 6-8, and is thus appropriate for senior city managers who may also wish to attend the Summit.  It also follows the Mayors' Asia Pacific Environmental Summit in Honolulu, May 4-6 (www.envirosummit.org).  Thus it is possible for urban leaders to visit Hawaii and Seattle and have 8 days of intensive education about urban sustainability.  Please forward this announcement to any persons who might be interested in increasing their skills in urban pollution prevention. 
Burton Hamner, Workshop Director
Pacific Northwest Economic Region (www.pnwer.org)