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Insititutional "Penalties" for Energy Efficiency

For those of you who keep track of instances of legal/institutional biases in the proverbial system against P2 and energy efficiency, there is a little gem in the most recent edition of the Arlington Sun Gazette (a local newspaper in Northern Virginia).

Context: an article which explains the ins and outs of how commerical properties are assessed in Arlington County, Virgina for tax purposes.  The article points out that, unlike residential properites, for which "comparable sales" is the key factor, for commercial properties, "net operating income" is more important.  Thus, 2 otherwise similarly-located properties with similar historic acquisition costs might well be assessed differently due to the fact that one is (and I quote below):

        "..fully modern, featuring energy-friendly design.  'Properties that are more efficient might operate for less,' [Director of the Assessment Office] Rice said.  Translation: A higher tax bill becuase the owner can pocket a bigger share of the money it takes in from tenants."

'Nuff said.

Ed Weiler (USEPA)