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Seattle workshop on CP for Cities after ERCP

Dear Colleagues
The European Roundtable for Cleaner Production annual meeting in Lund on May 2-4 can be the beginning of a week of international training on CP.  Right after the Roundtable, you could visit Seattle for a week of intensive training in CP for cities and urban management.
In Seattle, Washington, the Asia Pacific Cities Summit is being held May 7-8 (Mon-Tues).  This will feature themes of technology management in cities and also sustainable development.  Hundreds of municipal leaders from the Asia Pacific region are expected.  The website is www.apsummit.org.
With all these civic leaders in town, the Pacific Northwest Economic Region/Clean Washington Center (www.cwc.org) is sponsoring a 4-day intensive training workshop on Pollution Prevention for Sustainable Cities, May 9-12 (Wed-Saturday).  The website is www.cleancities.net/announce.htm
The training will cover most aspects of CP in municipal governments and promoting CP to business and residents in cities.  The program will feature speakers from British Columbia, Washington State and Oregon, with highlights from the Offices of Sustainability in Seattle and Portland.  A very international audience is expected already.  Please see the detailed agenda on the website for what will be covered.
We invite all ERCP members to consider visiting Seattle for the week after the Roundtable in Lund.  The cost can be quite reasonable (roundtrip air fare from Copenhagen to Seattle is only about $675), and we have very nice hostel lodgings available for those who really want to keep their costs down.  As the ERCP ends on Friday, it is simple to fly to Seattle on the weekend to be on time for the Summit and the workshop.  Your participation would greatly improve our workshop if you can share the lessons learned and shared through the ERCP.  You can also learn a great deal, make new international contacts, and enjoy our beautiful city (we are keeping the WTO far away from here, this time!).
We would also appreciate it if you could forward this announcement to any people who are looking for very intensive and effective training in CP for cities.
I am sorry I cannot come to the ERCP myself, but you can see my good reasons for staying here to get ready for an exciting training event.  We hope you can join us.
Burton Hamner
Seattle, WA