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RE: aluminum scraps - roughly 95%- to 99% pure aluminum

I think your friend is losing a lot of money on that scrap aluminum. I
suggest you check out a web site named Recycler's World. Click on our home
page, located below my name, then Recycling Markets, then on Links. Scroll
down till you find Recycler's World. You can post your material and receive
a number of bids. As an alternative you can locate other scrap dealers in
your area and get some competition going. You can find dealers thru our web
site. Click on  Recyclable Materials, then Directory of Markets for
Recyclable Materials. You will find a host of dealers. Many of those dealers
are nationally or regionally represented so don't be put off by their
location. Let me know if I can help you further or if you need help
negotiating the web sites I mentioned.  

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Subject: aluminum scraps - roughly 95%- to 99% pure aluminum

Does anyone know the market price per ton, or per 1000 lbs of this product?
have a client who produces a 40 cubic yard roll off container of this every
few months and has it picked up by a scrap dealer. Is my client missing an
significant opportunity to make money on this product by giving it away to
the guy who picks it up for free?