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RE: What are common sources of Mercury?

The most common source by far are thermometers, but other sources include thermostats, pressure monitoring devices (barometers, blood pressure devices, manometers) and electrical switches. Small quantities are also found in common fluorescent light bulbs and in mercury vapor high intensity lights. As far as schools are concerned, I wouldn't be surprised to find some mercury in a few chemistry labs.
One of the hidden sources in labs are sink traps. Workers break a thermometer over the work bench and some gets to the sink. It collects in the trap an sits there for years, slowly leaching out into the wastewater stream.
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Subject: What are common sources of Mercury?

A teacher inquired about possible sources of Mercury in schools and households. The ones I am familiar with are laboratories and thermometers, but there must be some other sources out there. Does anyone know of other sources of mercury in both households and schools?
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