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Digital Dividend conference speeches on line

The Digital Dividends conference was held last Sept in Seattle.  The website is
You can see online Real Video of almost all the speeches, including ones by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos (Amazon.Com CEO), Carly Fiorini (Hewlett Packard CEO) and other leaders.  I attended the conference, most of the speeches were incredibly interesting.  There were amazing ideas for bridging the digital divide and using info technology to promote sustainability.
The best presentation was Radically New Business Models: Strategies for the Bottom of the Pyramid, by Prof CK Prahalad.  He got the only standing ovation of the conference and he deserved it.  The speech by Bezos is very interesting for its data about how much waste and pollution is reduced by the use of e-commerce.  I recommend both these to start.
The videos are pretty good and the sound is quite good.  The video clips can be downloaded for offline viewing.  They would be great for a high-tech classroom with PC projector.
Burton Hamner
Seattle, WA