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Re: Assistance Needed: Case Studies of "shared savings" modelsfor P2


See the Chemical Strategies Partnership (CSP) website (www.chemicalstratgies.org). 

Go to the "Tools Manual".  I think there may be some case studies provided in the manual.

At the Spring NPPR Conference in Chicago, Thomas Votta of Tellus spoke on the chemical shared savings programs and CSP initiative.  It was good stuff.


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>>> <butner@battelle.org> 03/22/01 09:15AM >>>
All --

A economist colleague of mine has asked if I have any case studies of
"shared savings" approaches to pollution prevention -- i.e..,
consulting/service contract arrangements where a third-party firm provides
materials & environmental management services in exchange for a share in
resultant cost savings to the manufacturing firm.

The best example I can think of is the fluids management contracts set up at
Saturn, but my challenge is to find well-documented case-studies, rather
thank simply provide him with a list of firms that are using this business

I would be very appreciative of any web links, bibliographic citations, etc
that you can provide.  The more recent the example, the better.  Any
industry sector is fine.

Thanks in advance.

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