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(Fwd) FW: Wood preservatives found in soil around playgrounds

For those of you who work with, or know someone who works with 
creosote or other penta-containing/contaminated materials, you may 
wish to pass this on to them.
sherry davis

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Subject: Wood preservatives found in soil around playgrounds

ITEM: Wood preservatives campaign gains momentum with recent focus on
CCA FACT: Arsenic levels in soil of Miami area playgrounds found to 
high enough to warrant closure of parks. ACTION NEEDED: EPA's denial
of reregistration of CCA, creosote and pentachlorophenol. 

An article in today's NY Times reports on research conducted in the
Miami area that found that arsenic had leached out of pressure-
wood and into the soil of playgrounds leading to the closure of three
parks. In addition, the findings of a study conducted by University of
Miami and the University of Florida found an average of 28 parts per
million of arsenic in soil sampled from sites across the state, far
above the level of 0.8 parts per million the state's Department of
Environmental Protection considers safe.
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Meanwhile, the St. Petersburg Times has been running a series of
special reports addressing the risks associated with arsenic leaching
out of treated wood. Visit the St. Petersburg Times' website at:
http://www.sptimes.com/ <http://www.sptimes.com/>  and type "Arsenic"
into the archives search slot at the top of the page for a list of
article about arsenic. This news comes on the heels of EPA's
announcement that the agency will abandon the new arsenic levels for
drinking water that had been approved by the Clinton administration.
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Beyond Pesticides has been working on a campaign to educate policy
makers at the federal, state and local level, as well as members of
the environmental community and concerned citizens about the hazards
of the wood preservatives. As part of our "Poison Poles" campaign we
have produced two reports, both reports are available on our website.
The first, Poison Poles, was published in 1997 and examines the health
effects and environmental fate of the wood preservatives, namely
pentachlorophenol (penta), creosote, and CCA from cradle to grave. 

Our second report, Pole Pollution, reports on the findings of EPA's
preliminary science chapter on penta. Two examples: 1) EPA determined
that children face a risk of cancer 220 times higher than acceptable
from exposure to soil contaminated with penta leaching from utility
poles; 2) workers that apply penta to poles in the field face a risk
of cancer that is 3.4 million times higher than acceptable. The report
also covers the results of our utility survey. The survey asked
utilities about their policies regarding use, retreatment and disposal
of wood poles. 

There currently exists a variety of alternative technologies for all
uses of treated wood. These alternatives include recycled steel,
plastics and concrete. A number of newer chemicals including ammonical
copper quaternary (ACQ) are being considered as alternative
treatments. We currently do not know enough about the alternative
chemicals. We are concerned that manufacturers of treated wood and
lumber yards will shift to these alternative chemicals claiming that
the chemicals are perfectly safe before all the facts are in. 

We need to strike while the iron is hot. Please contact your elected
officials and the new Administrator of EPA. Educate them about the
hazards associated with the continued use of CCA, penta and creosote. 

For more information contact: 

Greg Kidd 
Science and Legal Policy Direcotr 
Beyond Pesticides/National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides
701 E Street, S.E., Suite 200 Washington, DC 20003 phone: 202-543-5450
fax: 202-543-4791 gkidd@beyondpesticides.org www.beyondpesticides.org 

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sherry davis
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