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Wasteless lunch for kids

I received the following request from a local park district.   I know some 
industries and organizations have experience with wasteless lunches.  Any 
info can be sent to me or directly to Judy Miller.

original message::
Reply-To: "JUDYMILLER@mcleodusa.net" <JUDYMILLER@mcleodusa.net>
Subject: wasteless lunch help
Organization: Urbana Park District

I am making a stab in the dark trying to find some information and help for
an activity we want to include as part of part of our earth day event this
year. We want to encourage people to bring "wasteless" picnics to our Big
Grove Storytelling Festival on April 22, 2001. I am looking for
information about "wasteless" lunches, how to evaluate or grade lunches as
far as how much waste they produce and information about how much such
items as Lunchables cost the environment. Any ideas on where I can get
such information?

Thanks for the input - it is greatly appreciated.
Judy Miller
Environmental Program Manager
Urbana Park District

John C. Marlin PhD.							phone: 217-333-8956
Assistant to the Director

Waste Management and Research Center		fax:	     217-333-8944
One East Hazelwood Dr.
Champaign, Il.  61820							jmarlin@wmrc.uiuc.edu

WMRC is a division of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.