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Re: Vehicle Wash Systems


Our office maintains a vendor list of vehicle wash systems at:


Websites are provided for most of the vendors.  You can find additonal
vendor literature and related information at these websites.

Good Luck

Jeff Lewis
Ohio EPA/Office of Pollution Prevention
Lazarus Government Center
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049
phone:  614.644.2812
fax:  614.644.2807

>>> Judy Dorsey <jdorsey@frii.com> 03/27/01 01:30AM >>>
Hello All,

I'm looking for any guidance documents, case studies, vendor literature, 
etc. containing environmentally recognized best management practices for 
the use of vehicle wash systems and oil water separators.

Thanks so much,

Judy Dorsey
The Brendle Group, Inc.