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Re: Vehicle Wash Systems

Judy Dorsey's note requested best management practices for oil water separators.
The EPA Region 9'sP2 group has some wonderful automotive repair fact sheets which includes one on oil water separators.  These can  be found online at:
or can be ordered at:
Bill Quinn
Pollution Prevention Unit
Phone: 602-207-4203
Fax:      602-207-4538
Website: www.adeq.state.az.us/environ/waste/capdev/p2/index.html

>>> Judy Dorsey <jdorsey@frii.com> 03/26/01 11:30PM >>>
Hello All,

I'm looking for any guidance documents, case studies, vendor literature,
etc. containing environmentally recognized best management practices for
the use of vehicle wash systems and oil water separators.

Thanks so much,

Judy Dorsey
The Brendle Group, Inc.