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Re: Vehicle Wash Systems


Bill Quinn already gave you the site for the Oil Water Separator
Maintenance fact sheet, which is part of our fact sheet series entitled:
"The Pollution Prevention Toolkit for Fleet Maintenance, Best Environmental
Practices" (we also have a toolkit for auto repair). We are in the process
of putting together an additional fact sheet on closed loop wash water
recycling systems for vehicle washing to add to the others in our toolkit.
We hope to have that fact sheet completed in early fall, 2001.

In the interim, there is some good information on the DoD P2 website at:


I found the wash rack info in the Joint Service P2 Opportunity Handbook:

see Recycling Washwater Using a Closed Loop Wash Racks for Vehicles

N.B. The fact sheets in the "The Pollution Prevention Toolkit for Fleet
Maintenance, Best Environmental Practices" were designed to be modified for
use by other agencies. If you want a CD with all the fact sheets so that
you can put your agencies' logo on them, email me. You can see an example
of how the state of California DTSC customized these fact sheets by putting
their logo on the top left corner, and added state contact information to
bottom of back page by going to:


Leif Magnuson
Pollution Prevention Coordinator
US EPA Region IX, WST-7
75 Hawthorne St.
San Francisco, CA  94105
Tel (415) 744-2153
Fax (415) 744-1680

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Hello All,

I'm looking for any guidance documents, case studies, vendor literature,
etc. containing environmentally recognized best management practices for
the use of vehicle wash systems and oil water separators.

Thanks so much,

Judy Dorsey
The Brendle Group, Inc.