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P2 at Tanneries

Any answers for Al????

Carolyn Gangmark
EPA Region 10
(206) 553-4072

03/26/2001 08:34 AM -----
                    Al Korgi                                                                  
                                         To:     Orlando Gonzalez/DC/USEPA/US@EPA             
                    03/22/2001           cc:     Pam Teel/DC/USEPA/US@EPA                     
                    02:16 PM             Subject:      Enviro friendly tanneries in the US    

Hi Orlando,

It was good seeing you here in the Region this week.  Pam Teel suggested
that I get with you about getting the word out to the other Regions to help
us out find possible tanneries in the US involved in P2/Cleaner Production
(CP) practices.

As you may know, EPA's assistance in Central America thru USAID has have a
new component since last year. There's a  CP project in which we're working
with an organization in Costa Rica, CEGESTI to provide assistance to
selected pilot facilities in the cheese processing and leather tanning
industries.  Region 8 is doing the P2/CP facility assessments with CEGESTI
and has also participated in workshops were results of the 1st phase of the
project were presented.  This year, AID added tanneries to the project and
as part of this pilot we would like to bring Central Americans up to the
States to tour tanneries that are environmentally friendly and engaged in
P2/CP practices. Here in Region 4 unfortunately, we're seeing a trend that
R8 is also seeing. Some tanneries are closing down and moving south of the
border.  The few remaining ones have only a pre-treatment program and may
not engage in P2/CP.   So, I like to ask you to put the word out to other
Regions to see if they could recommend some enviro friendly tanneries
adopting P2/CP options to reduce and minimize their waste.  What we are
envisioning for this study tour is for a group of about 6-7 Central
Americans (folks from two tanneries in Nicaragua and Guatemala, reps from
the Cleaner Production Centers at each of these two countries and folks
from CEGESTI, the grantee in Costa Rica) to come up to the States to tour
2-3 tanneries, and probably a stop at a Regional EPA office to find more
about P2/CP. This group of visitors will be stopping first in Mexico  where
they'll be visiting the Leather Center in Leon. They would come up to the
States afterwards, and we're thinking this visit would take place around
mid May. Thanking you in advance for putting the word out.