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(Fwd) Fw: Looking for HF gas treatment system


I received the following tech request from a company in Vietnam.  Does 
anyone know of "P2 questions" I should ask this person?  I would like to 
recommend process changes to eliminate the creation of HF, before trying 
to recommend a scrubber.

Thank you for your help,

Kim Mihalik
Deputy Director/Engineer
US-Asia Environmental Partnership
GTN/Environmental Technology Network for Asia
1720 Eye Street NW, Suite 600 (Mail Stop 700)
Washington, DC 20006
PH: (202) 835-0333 Ext. 130
FX: (202) 835-8358

------- Forwarded message follows -------

By  orders of  some leaders of Department of Science,Technology and
Environment in southern provinces of Vietnam, we are looking for US 
systems that are used to treat Hydro Floride gas (HF).  This gas appears 
in a brick-kiln,and there are a lot of them in Delta river zone. This is a 
very dangerous gas. Because of have not enough money, factories need 
equipment and technologys that cost less than 3,500 $US.  Looking foward 
to hearing you soon. 

Best Regards, Le Thuong Man

------- End of forwarded message -------