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Solvent Alternative

I am working with a facility that manufactures conveyor belts - weaves the belts from polyester, nylon, or cotton; coats the belts with PVC or silicon; and cuts them to size due to inconsistent shrinkage during the heated coating process.  They currently use M.C. - 250 (a blend of methylene chloride and perchloroethylene) to spot clean grease and smudges off of their woven fabric as they inspect it before coating it or sending it out uncoated.   They have already significantly decreased their use of this solvent by not cleaning off smudges of grease that are being coated with a dark color, and improving the looms and worker practices to prevent the grease from getting on the fabric.   

They are seeking an alternative solvent.  However, they have several requirements.  First, because the belts are thousands of feet long, they need something that will dry (volatilize) quickly before it is rolled up.  Second, they need something that is good at removing grease.  Third, the product cannot leave marks on the fabric or interfere with the coating process.

I would appreciate any ideas that you have.  

Please forgive me if I have not followed any of the rules of etiquette established for this Listserv.  I am new to p2tech and the web site with the etiquette policy is down, therefore I did not read it yet.  However, please note that I have checked SAGE and the p2tech archives.

Thank you.
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