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SD ONLINE added 110 new SD links during March

Dear Reader,

We have added a further 36 new SD links to SD ONLINE databases. 
During March 110 new links were added.

This latest addition brings you 15 new conferences, 20 training 
courses and a network.

Go: http://www.sd-online.net

Please change your book marks to http://www.sd-online.net  to access SD ONLINE.
The old URL (  http://susdev.eurofound.ie ) works for the moment.

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT: SD-ONLINE is designed and developed by EDEN B.V. 
on behalf of the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living 
and Working Conditions (an autonomous publicly funded agency of the 
European Union).

Learn more about EDEN's database driven websites and how EDEN can 
help you. For example, publish and edit YOUR OWN NEWSLETTER or 
present CONFERENCE  programmes online as and when you want without 
knowing a single line of HTML code.

For more information email: eden@antenna.nl