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Re: FWD: Inquiry from Brazil regarding Environmental BMP's in Harbors/Ship board operations

Scott (and others responding to this inquiry from Brazil)

Bom dia.

One inadvertent editorial change you made was to turn Ricardo (last name
unknown) into Mr. Ricardo Environmental.

Ambiental means environmental in Portuguese.  The company name means
Environmental Engineering and Consulting.  The author of the message is
Ricardo, no last name provided yet.


Dave Salman
Coatings and Consumer Products Group
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>>>I am forwarding (with a few slight editorial alterations) the following
>>>inquiry from
Ricardo Ambiental (ambiental@ambientalconsult.com.br), a consultant in
Brazil who has some questions regarding environmental
protection of harbors.  I realize not all of his questions are germane to
each list but
between the readers of P2TECH, the ChemAlliance list, and the members of
AICHE's Environmental Division,
I suspect we can come up with some help for him.

> Dear Mr. Butner
> Harbor authorities in Brasil have passed [a] law regarding
> environmental issues during harbor operations. I have the > following
> 1 Where to find a copy or the methodology used to "preliminary risk
> analysis"  of Aiche?
> 2 Where can I find a copy of MARPOL (international rules for ships
> on the sea, UK,1973 and 1978) And other safety rules? Do they apply also
> harbors in rivers? What other international laws apply to environmental
> matters during port operations?
> 3 When performing environmental studies in ports that do not deal with
> hydrocarbons and other dangerous materials , it is necessary to perform
> analysis? This first port we dealing with  operates only with, grains
> beans), containers and other small cargo.
> 4 Where can I find environmental best management practices (BMPs) for
> operations?
> 5 Where can I find pollution prevention strategies and case studies
relating to the
> operation of harbors and the operation of ships in harbors?
> Ricardo
> Ambiental Engenharia e Consultoria
> Av Marechal Floriano 22 9 floor
> Rio de Janeiro Brasil
> WWW. Ambientalconsult.com.Br

Please remember to post your answers directly to Mr. Ambiental, since he
does not yet subscribe to these lists.  That said,  certainly if you think
the information will be of more general interest you should consider ccing
to the list.

I'll kick off the suggestions with a few of my own:

World Bank Ports and Harbors Marine Pollution and Prevention web page

International Maritime Organization (purveyors of MARPOL, available for a
fee from their web site)

Transource (US Environmental compliance and P2 information regarding
transportation industries)

Regards, and my apologies for any cross-postings.

Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org)
list moderator, AICHE-ENV
Co-Director, ChemAlliance (www.chemalliance.org