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NM Gov. signs P2 Legislation

Please pardon any cross posting!

Governor Gary E. Johnson signed the Pollution Prevention Legislation in
NM on Monday, April 2, 2001.  This legislation provides statuatory
authority for a pollution prevention program, provides for the
development of rules to guide the program and provides limited
confidentiality for trade secrets.

This is a great step in assuring that P2 is institutionalized in the
activities of the New Mexico Environment Department!  The legislation
was bipartisan, introduced in the House by Representative Pauline
Gubbels (R-Bernalillo) and in the Senate by Senator Dede Feldman
(D-Bernalillo).  The bill passed unanimously in the Senate and had only
5 dissenting votes in the House.

This is a big success for pollution prevention efforts in New Mexico.
This is the result of the collective efforts through the  P2 Advisory
Council, Green Zia companies and our Board of Examiners....thank you all
for making New Mexico the P2 State!

Pat Gallagher
New Mexico Environment Department