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RE: Substitution for resin curing agent in wood products

I searched the P2Infohouse database on our web site, found below my name, for formaldehyde and found 28 articles. The first three and the twentieth (this order may change in subsequent searches) also referenced wood products. You may also find useful information in the EPA Sector Notebook entitled "Wood Furniture and Fixture Industry". You can locate this booklet on our web site by searching for sector notebook with the search engine and then using the find command under EDIT to locate wood furniture. If you search only for wood you will locate another sector notebook that may have more information. Let me know if I can help you further.

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Subject: Substitution for resin curing agent in wood products

Hi Everyone:
(I am a first time requester and long time reader) and I work for a non-profit technical assistance organization.  One of our clients, a manufacturer of particle board, is looking for a replacement for formaldehyde-based resin curing agents.  Could anyone direct me to information on alternative products which do not use formaldehyde?
Thank you for your time.
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